Our Story

Through the preservation of indigenous heritage, spirituality, and environmental sustainability, Nativo Soul unites global design with quality to provide the ultimate experience of culture and healing through each uniquely crafted piece.  We work directly with artisans worldwide to ensure that each purchase generates meaningful and sustainable income which means paying upfront for materials, compensating per item and not by the hour and providing business development support. Our mission is to empower women and indigenous communities to continue passing down their ancestral traditions and sharing their sacred stories.  We hope that each piece will be a source of positivity, tranquility, and love for our followers.


Purchase with Double the Purpose

To show our love and support for our four legged friends, NativoSoul has partnered with Palomino Animal Soul in an effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for abandoned and injured animals along the coast of Colombia! 

Although resources are limited, Palomino Animal Soul is dedicated to the improvement of animal rights while raising awareness of animal welfare in the local community. It is now home to 22 dogs and 12 cats.

With every purchase, NativoSoul donates 5% of all purchases to help support Palomino Animal Soul's mission. Your purchase not only supports indigenous artisans and their communities but provides the necessary resources for the rescue and care of these beautiful four legged babies because every being deserves to be loved!


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